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Surfers Skin Ultra Performant water resistant Sunscreen SPF 30+ is specifically designed for those who enjoy extreme surf conditions. No matter how much you sweat, it's non greasy, sweat resistant formula won't run into your eyes, leaving you free to focus on what really matters - surfing the waves!

This product has been designed specifically to give protection in the water for 2 hours. The skin is powerfully nourished and moisturised by award winning creams rich in world renowned Manuka Honey and Aloe Vera. With being anti UVA, UVB and a Broad Spectrum, PABA FREE sunscreen, Surfers Skin helps keep your "Skin Alive".

Maz uses it! enough said!

. . . hell there's only a handful of surfers lucky enough to travel and surf the world fulltime and the last thing he wants to worry about is being fried by the sun especially by the mirror like conditions he gets to surf. surfersskin non-greasy sweat resistant water resistant formula gets the big thumbs up from Maz and he reckons its the shizz as well as smelling pretty good as well! Your've only got one skin so look after it and keep your skinalive.

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  • SURFERS SKIN now has a strong presence within the European market
  • Supplied product to NZ Water Ski team in Jakarta and Aussie
  • Billy Stairmand is now another sponsored rider for SURFERS SKIN
  • SURFERS SKIN Europe sponsored the French Life Guards sunscreen over their long hot summer

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